Rikyu (牛たん炭焼 利久)

Sendai is famous for beef tongue, and while looking up places on where to eat it I found that Rikyu was a famous chain store that specialized in beef tongue! I tried 2 different Rikyu restaurants during my trip to Sendai, one which is mapped below and another inside Sendai Station. The first time I […]

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本とさや (Hontosaya)

A literal “alleyway” find, Hontosaya seems to be quite a popular joint for locals, and you’d be hard-pressed to find any foreigners/tourists here! Not to mention the extent of their ‘english menu’ is basically sticky-notes with basic translations of each cut stuck onto their original menu. Surprisingly larger inside than you would expect (with 2 […]

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One of my favourite places to visit on Lygon street whenever a pasta-craving hits, the pasta I got recommended the first time I went went on to be my usual order every time after! I also loved how friendly and attentive the waiters were, and that there were generations working in the shop! My first […]

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