Ganso Kujiraya (元祖 くじら屋)


The sign out front says it all: “We are a whale meat restaurant.”

dsc00427 dsc00429

The meals come in sets (like the one at the bottom) with you choosing how you want the whale meat prepared for your main dish. Left to right from the pictures we had: raw whale sashimi, whale skin (separate dish), whale steak, and fried whale.

Don’t fret about ordering as the restaurant has English menus available!

dsc00428 dsc00425

If you’re in for the ‘ticking off the bucket list’, I advise going with a group and ordering different dishes to be able to try a few different styles! All the set menus come with the same dishes as above, only the main dish differing.

My favourite would probably be the steak, which tastes kind of like a sea-kangaroo(? hahaha). Fried tastes kind of like chicken (doesn’t everything) and raw whale is probably the one you’ll remember the most. It is very bloody so a warning that it’s probably an acquired taste.

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