Hassan: shabu-shabu and sushi specialty restaurant


My brother’s go-to shabu-shabu place in Roppongi, Tokyo. It is a nice, quiet, fine dining restaurant so you’ll need to be prepared to spend some money but it goes by all-you-can-eat style so it’s worth it (especially if you go in a group!) in my opinion.

dsc00439 dsc00440

Obviously, everything is refillable and the menu you’re given depends on the type of set you go for. In these pictures, we went for the more expensive set which included a variety of sushi selections available.

The restaurant is time-limited so you may not want to come here if you’re a slow-paced eater!

dsc00443 dsc00444

Each area has a ‘private’ feel to it even though there technically aren’t any screens or walls separating them all. It’s a very relaxing place and the staff are very alert and friendly too! Definitely worth a try if you don’t mind splurging for a bit, and of course the food is delicious!

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