Zauo: Fishing Izakaya


Zauo has various restaurants across Japan and we were lucky to have one near our hotel. The restaurant’s selling point is their indoor fish pond where you have the opportunity to fish for your own dinner!


Apparently each restaurant is designed a little differently, and as you can see here the one we visited had a ‘boat’ on their indoor river. The selection is rather small, with only 3 types of fish, along with some shellfish in the smaller containers.

The limited selection can be to your advantage, however, as you must eat your catch and are not allowed to toss it back in. So you have a higher chance of catching the fish you want.


The food, of course, is very fresh and despite the fact there’s only a limited variety of cooking options (3, as I recall), it is enough for a nice relaxing dinner.

It seems to be popular with office workers who come to have a little bit of fun, eat good food and have beers together.

List of Zauo restaurant locations

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