Hut & Soul


Located near the city, Hut&Soul is a refreshingly authentic taste of home for me. It doesn’t hurt that family friends are part of the staff either! If you’re looking for authentic Malaysian / Indonesian food, Hut & Soul is exactly the place to go.


During my years in Adelaide, authentic Malaysian food I liked were either overpriced, or inconveniently placed. Hut & Soul is neither of these things and so I’m free to indulge myself whenever I feel like a taste of home!


Everything is delicious, and my favourite teh tarik (pulled tea) is as sweet as in Malaysia (aka instant diabetes), unlike most other places which tend to cater to the Western palate by reducing the sweetness, or lowering the spiciness of their curries.

Nonetheless, the staff are willing to accommodate for you if you want to play it safe and tone things down a little too!

The desserts are just nice for one, however perfect for sharing between full-bellies too! The smaller portions are perfect if you can’t resist trying them all πŸ˜‰

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