9h Capsule Hotel

On my first solo trip in Japan, I thought it was a good idea to try out staying at a Capsule Hotel! I chose 9hours because they have a branch conveniently placed within Narita International Airport, which was great because I could just check out before my flight and go without extra commuting.

Checking in was relatively simple, just providing your passport as identification and then you’re handed a bag (top left) which has everything you need for your stay, and a locker key! The areas are divided by gender as you can see in the first picture, with men going left and women to the right.

The first area you pass is the locker room, where you can store all your baggage securely, and there are also extra space for your hand-carry or even hangers for your clothing. Inside the bag given to you, there is a robe, a towel, slippers and basic toiletries.

9hours offers 3 basic options for customers: stay, nap, or shower. Stay gives you the full ‘9 hours’ which is their opinion of an adequate time for you to shower, sleep, and be ready for your day. Nap is similar in that you are also allowed access to use of showers, however it is charged on the number of hours you stay. Shower, is quite self-explanatory.

As you can see in the above pictures, after passing the locker area is the washroom area which is fully equipped with hair-dryers, and further down the hall are the showers, which are also stocked with the necessities.

Finally, as per your locker number, you can locate the corresponding ‘capsule’ and settle in for the night! Though the image looks small, the capsule itself was surprisingly spacious. I could sit up and extend my arm over my head about 3/4 of the way, and the size of the bed as you can see is similar to a regular single bed.

There is a small control panel by the head of the bed which allows you to control the lighting and also plays a soothing background noise of ocean waves which you can also adjust to your liking. If I recall correctly, there is a single power-point inside for your devices, however it is important to note it uses a Japanese adaptor point, so you will need a converter.

Finally, once you are ready to sleep, you can pull down the shades at the end of your capsule for privacy, pull up your fluffy futon blanket and get some rest before your flight 🙂

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