My brother, sharing my love for Japanese food, brought me to Enoshima in KL for dinner. It was in an odd location, but the restaurant itself had a great atmosphere. It’s interior design did have me somewhat confused whether it was supposed to be a Japanese restaurant, or some sort of American restaurant.

We ordered quite a few dishes however the ones in my post were extra delicious. The biggest plus for me was that their fatty tuna sashimi was incredible! It’s not uncommon to order fatty tuna at most restaurants and get served with more of a chuutoro (medium fatty) rather than ootoro (fatty), or even to get an ootoro that’s either incredibly stingily sliced or served still thawing or even warm. Here, I experienced momentary heaven at their thick, juicy slices of ootoro and had to resist ordering more!

The second image is a bowl of Ochazuke, a favourite of my brother’s. I’m not much of a fan of hot food in hot weather like Malaysia but once it was a little more cooled down, I did enjoy it quite a lot, and it certainly went down smoothly. I could see myself eating this on a cold winter day, or maybe when feeling a little under the weather.

We also ordered a few kushyaki (skewers) and they too were delicious! My sister-in-law favours chicken skin and even though I don’t generally fancy it, I admit Enoshima’s chefs prepared it very nicely; a perfect balance of crunchy and juicy.

All in all, Enoshima was a great experience, and the fact that there were many japanese businessmen around was also a testament of how authentic the dishes were. Definitely planning another visit next time!

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