Little Zoo Cafe

A place I had wanted to visit before I had even planned to go to Thailand was this little cafe in Bangkok. I read about it in the newspaper many months ago and was intrigued in that it wasn’t didn’t follow the ‘cat’ or ‘owl’ cafe trend going around but went even further. (Didn’t get a good interior photo; image above is not mine).

Before you can interact with the pets, you obviously need to order something from the cafe (drinks do not count). It worked out perfectly as we hadn’t had any lunch yet anyway. I tried their recommended tom yum spaghetti and my friends tried out a banana-chocolate-crepe-like dessert because they just couldn’t resist.

Probably because the cafe knew most people came for the animals than the food, the portions were rather small. The tom yum spaghetti was interesting on first impression, but as I ate it I really enjoyed it sooo much! It was super delicious! I really had to hold myself back from ordering another serve (and feeling sad that the portion was small) when we had round 2 of desserts later on. Just writing about it now is making me drool… Sadly I’ve never seen anyone making a similar dish anywhere else :'(

While waiting for our food, we walked around the cafe, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the many animals they had. It seems they rotate the animals that are in the cafe at any one day as their instagram account had a few animals that we didn’t see during our visit.

The main attractions, of course, were their foxes upstairs and meerkats downstairs. The foxes were let out to play and we stayed in the room diligently taking pictures and videos. They seemed very relaxed around us as they chased each other around and used us as props to hide or shield themselves.

The meerkats were a hilarious experience, immediately pawing at anything and everything (we have yet to figure out why) and certainly not being shy about where their paws get into… They were obviously used to humans and weren’t bothered at all when touched or picked up, which was good as many had to be removed from certain ticklish places 😛

Roaming freely were some domestic cats and a corgi (who seemed to love bullying the poor cats). They too were relaxed and I managed to get one in my lap and another in my arms while eating dessert. My friend who has 6 cats (i know!) bemoaned about how well behaved they were compared to all of her cats!

I would definitely recommend visiting this cafe at least for the experience of getting to watch these animals up close (and maybe even touching!) and if possible, try that delicious tom yum spaghetti! Mmm….

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