Marini’s on 57

Achieved ultimate third-wheeling status by accompanying my parents to dinner on Valentine’s day to Marini’s on 57. Or in the words of my mother’s friends: “young people all come to fancy places like this we cannot lose to them”.

The appeal of this restaurant is that you can sit next to full-length windows and enjoy not only the view of KL city, but also the twin towers next door. According to my mother, if you want a table by a window, you have to order a minimum of RM300 per person. Unfortunately to her disappointment, we were seated at a window which could not see the twin towers.

The prices of any item on the menu made it easy to achieve the “RM300pp” requirement because most dishes were already worth more than that (except some appetisers). I couldn’t decide on either the pasta (top left) or the wagyu steak (bottom right) and ended up going for both (and maybe also to mess with the waiter who said I wouldn’t be able to finish 2 mains – I did).

The spaghetti (Cappellini All’aragosta) was delicious, and interestingly shaped like the lobster it had pieces of. Surprisingly it was very generous in the spaghetti as it was really packed more densely than the picture might seem. My mother went with seared scallops (Capesante) which she enjoyed.

Both my father an I chose the wagyu steak and we had some disagreements over our satisfaction. In my (at most $300 meal) opinion, it was delicious, cooked unusually (for Malaysian standards) high in standard, though not melt-in-the-mouth good. The steak was very enjoyable (we both had it medium-rare) and neither too cooked/chewy nor too raw/bloody.

My father’s (at times $1000 meal) opinion was not so forgiving, and he was rather disappointed (as is usual when he eats steak in Malaysia) that they did not cook it to melt-in-the-mouth standard. He finished it nonetheless, but deemed it not worth the RM300+ price tag.

When pondering over desserts, our waiter advised that we were better off not ordering any because the restaurant supplied a variety of complimentary desserts which included a huge cloud of cotton candy (which amused by mother about how childish it made her feel to eat it) and our choice of chocolate which was served artfully(?) on a bonsai tree made out of chocolate (though that wasn’t for eating).

It was a good experience, however in my opinion not worth the money unless you really make the most of the views at take many pictures while there. The food was good, but a tad overpriced to warrant another visit anytime soon.

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