As part of an unusual assignment which required eating something new (which is quite a challenge for me as I’ve eaten many things), my sister found Pastuso, a peruvian restaurant, and we decided to give it a go! Located in ACDC lane (“wait it’s an actual street name? I thought you were talking about the band”), the restaurant was pretty busy but still had a great atmosphere and the servers were helpful and attentive.

In the above pictures, we ordered “Tiradito de Pez Espada”, which was slices of swordfish with cucumber tigers milk, Yarra Valley salmon roe and rocoto gel. It was a surprisingly tasty yet somewhat refreshing dish and was unanimously a yummy starter to begin with. There was also a tiny hint of wasabi in the dish which kept things interesting.

Our second dish was “Marlin Nikkei”, which was marlin with braised shiitake mushrooms, aji marisol and a rice wine vinegar dressing. Another unusual dish for us, we were pleasantly impressed that the touch of vinegar dressing added to the enjoyment of the fish and went down easily.

The main event – and something I had never had before – a traditional peruvian alpaca ragout! It came with roasted celeriac and horseradish, the dish titled “Alpaca A La Minuta”. Alpaca was a completely new taste I can’t say was close to any other meat I’ve had before. One thing I did think was that it would probably be yummy in a nice hot stew too. This dish was enjoyable, however a little too salty for my taste.

Our final dish was “Ensalada de Tomate” because I love my tomatoes 😉 A refreshing end to a new experience. We agreed that the restaurant was interesting enough that we would definitely come back again to try different dishes next time!

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