Udo Seolbingmyeon (우도 설빙면)

On Udo (“Cow”) Island, we were brought to a really great seafood restaurant by our guide. Obviously being a small island, their seafood was very fresh and full of flavour! Unfortunately I can’t advise you what the names of the dishes we ordered were, as our guide did all the talking for us.

The main dish you see above is basically a huge platter of various seafood put together with a dark sauce at the bottom which was a little sweet and a tiny bit spicy. Digging through the various seafood and some pork on the platter you had to find the squid inside and cut it up so that it would get distributed easier.

Most of the shellfish on the platter were already pre-cooked so they were fine to take off immediately while we mixed up the rest of the ingredients together. Something to note is that the platter is placed atop a portable stove to keep the food cooking and hot while you enjoy!

Once we finished off all the seafood and meat, a common thing to do in Korea is to take leftover sauce/soup and mix it with rice to eat – so you can make the most out of a dish and decrease wastage!

Above you see 2 bowls of rice was mixed with our leftover dark sauce and then some raw egg was poured over it along with cheese to add a bit more flavour. You can see the time-lapse process of it here!

I would definitely recommend trying out this restaurant if you are in the area as the food was delicious and fresh! Next door there is even a dessert shop where you can stop for ice cream and coffee, and their walls are covered in messages from visitors. You can try to spot my malaysian-flag card on one of the walls!

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