Hanabishi is where I go to satisfy my salmon cravings. The first time I went there was an interesting experience as it is located in the business area so all the other customers were office workers and looked and me and my friend oddly as it was probably unusual to see a student there.

My second visit was just as memorable as most patrons order 1 dish to share or 1 dish each, whereas myself and a different friend I went to ordered about 6 dishes PLUS a dessert platter meant to be for 3-4 people. We even overheard a pair of women next to us saying “when are they going to stop eating?” Good times.

Only recently, I ordered ootoro (fatty tuna) and it was HEAVENLY. This was by far the best ootoro i’ve had outside of Japan. It was neither too hard/thawing as most places seem to be, since I assume it is flown overseas frozen, and literally melted like butter in our mouths. Definitely worth the price.

My usual staple at this restaurant, is the salmon with 3 sauces (above right). I ordered this on my first visit and it has become my favourite dish at Hanabishi. The salmon is cooked just right so that the middle is still soft but not chewy, and the skin is as crispy as freshly toasted bread. The 3 sauces provide a good variety to spice things up and the dish is perfect for sharing too.

My friend ordered the above left salmon dish as well, which was equally scrumptious, and a great starter (even though all these dishes are usually ordered as mains for the other customers). If you love your cooked salmon, I would definitely recommend going to Hanabishi and sampling their various salmon dishes!

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