Ujeonghoesjib (우정횟집)

Another place our guide brought us to during our short-stay in Jeju Island was this seafood restaurant. Just looking up the location for this place to put the map below also showed that Koreans themselves have good reviews of this restaurant so you know it’s good!

As usual, our guide ordered a ton of food that had us bursting at the seams by the end. We ended up getting quite a variety of food as you can see in the following pictures, all of which were interesting and yummy. Luckily with our large group, we only had to eat a few pieces to finish each dish.

The main attraction of the meal was of course, the fresh seafood. We got served large platters of sushi which were unusual fishes unlike japanese sushi fish. Each of us had our own preference of which fish we preferred, interestingly enough.

Finally, the thing we were both excited and sceptical to try was the still-moving octopus. We spent a fair few minutes just picking them up and commenting on the legs squirming on your chopsticks, sticking to them which you can see in my Korea video here. In the end it was definitely a weird experience but an experience nonetheless.

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