Angas Plains Wines

Recently, I tagged along with my father and his friends to a winery about 20mins flight from Aldinga. The atmosphere of the winery was very peaceful and calm – not surprising with how far out it is. The weather that day was really perfect so we also enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the winery after lunch.

The restaurant itself was very large and nicely spaced out. Unsurprisingly, the restaurant was mostly empty save from another elderly couple which were very friendly and recommended the pie for lunch; which 2 of us did.

The pie was still steaming and so satisfying during these chilly days. The portions were just nice too, and it came with an interesting ‘jam’ which I did not appreciate as much as my dad’s friend did.

My father got pumpkin soup – his favourite – and his other friend got simple fish and chips for lunch. I tried some of the fish and it was very fresh and soft, and the tartare sauce was nice and light. I’m not a big fan of pumpkins but my dad seemed happy with the soup as he cleaned out the bowl.

If you’re ever passing by the area, I would recommend stopping by for lunch if possible. Even just to stretch your legs, the relaxing atmosphere here is nice for some quiet time.

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