Grain Store

Guest-starring my visiting friend, we visited Grain Store at her request because she loved the “mushroom-dish” that she had here the last time she came to Melbourne. Unfortunately, her lack of memory-space and also bad guessing skills led to her getting the wrong “mushroom-dish”, although she does stand by her claim that she ordered the right one, but they brought out a different dish instead.

I decided to go with the weirdest sounding dish, which was an “egg sundae”. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was still amused by what came around; literally a dish that seemed like a dessert, but made out of soft-boiled eggs, avacados, parmesan, and tomato salsa. It was an interesting taste, but the coldness probably irked me the most for that dish.

My friend ended up with a very cheese-laden mushroom dish. She managed to finish it all to my surprise but did admit that she probably shouldn’t have because of how much cheese there was. She still bemoans the loss of her “mushroom-dish” re-experience.

Grain Store’s menu is quite extensive and has various interesting dishes so even though you may not necessarily like what you choose, it may be a good place to get you out of your comfort zone and try something different and unusual for a change.

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