Usually visited by older patrons, I have only actually dined at Grimaldi’s once in the many years I’ve been in Adelaide. Grimaldi’s is my must-have stop for it’s “Legendary Tiramisu” – aptly named on it’s menu.

The food was still delicious and the portions were just right. I had the salmon (below) and it was cooked perfectly, neither too raw nor overcooked. I was able to enjoy my meal and not have to worry about keeping space for dessert!

Grimaldi’s Legendary Tiramisu is not the most photogenic, but I can 100% assure you that it is a must try. I have it every time I’m in Adelaide, and sometimes even ask my parents to pack me some when they visit me in Melbourne.

If I remember correctly, you can get 1 serving of tiramisu for $8 and one bowl has about 8 servings in it. However, the bowl itself costs about $40 (+$20-30 deposit for the bowl which you will get back when you return it) so I usually opt to throw a get-together with friends and get the bowl. You will need to place an order for it at least 2 days prior because they make it fresh and usually only stock 1-2 bowls for their restaurant at a time.

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