A popular dessert-stop in Adelaide, I have visited Eggless twice now with a friend who is a big fan. They apparently update their menus every month or so, which is great in giving people a reason to keep coming back. Sometimes, they also have special items on the menu that only last for a week or so.

We decided to order a sharing platter for two, as well as a pancake special that was on at the time. The sharing platter was great, as it gave you a taste of 4 items on their menu. My friend easily demolished her ginger pancake special and also helped us wipe clean the sharing platter afterwards.

I would recommend giving Eggless a visit at least once because of the originality of their desserts, which often is an interesting fusion of asian and western ingredients. Be prepared for at least 30 minutes of wait time, as Eggless always has a line out the door but they thankfully provide some chairs, blankets and heaters outside for those who are waiting.

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