The Modern Eatery

On Saturday, The Modern Eatery had their soft opening and therefore had everything (except desserts) on their menu at 50% off. A friend of mine who works there let us know and helped us get a booking for dinner that night.

The atmosphere there was very relaxed and the food came at a nice leisurely pace which was great as conversation could keep flowing as we enjoyed one dish after another.

We had their specialty – Salmon Oshi, which was really delicious. The aburi sauce was perfect and the nigiri practically melted in your mouth; just thinking about it makes my mouth water. We also ordered a Sashimi Moriawase and I was impressed by how good the quality of the fish was, definitely worth ordering.

An interesting dish we ordered was the Tokyo Midnight. It reminded me a lot of Ochazuke, a favourite of my brother’s, but with different ingredients. It was a light and yummy dish that went down smoothly; I can imagine craving this during lazy winter nights.

For dessert we opted for the Chizukeki (hilariously even the waiters didn’t realize the name of the dish was just ‘cheesecake’ pronounced in a Japanese accent). The cheesecake was a great consistency, and kept from being a bit too much by the yummy strawberries and ice cream.

I would definitely visit again next time when I’m in the mood for fancy, good quality Japanese.

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