Red Rock

Finally managed to visit this place again to get some pictures. I have been salivating for their beef bowls from the moment we decided to visit Tokyo again. My local friend brought me here last year and though there was a line, the food was definitely worth the wait.

Red Rock uses the vending-machine system which is great for non-Japanese-speakers so that they’re not put on the spot to order. Though the vending machine is still in Japanese, you have more time to peruse the menu and match your chosen meal with the furigana on the machine.

Their main specialty dishes (below) are also helpfully the first and biggest buttons on the machine, which saves time for those who want to go for the easy but definitely delicious choice.

On the left is the Sliced Steak Bowl, which is my favourite. The steak slices are quickly seared so the meat is soft and juicy. On the right is their signature Roast Beef Bowl which I tried last time and was a little too much on the rare-side for me but delicious nonetheless. It comes with a raw egg on top which you mix in together with the hefty servings of rice that comes with the dishes.

One thing to note is that the Japanese enjoy the sticky/slimy texture of food like natto or mixing raw eggs into rice. It is definitely something to give a try once but may take some getting used to. Red Rock is certainly going to be my go-to place for lunch anytime I drop by Tokyo.

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