Kawaii Monster Cafe

Saw a video about this restaurant on Facebook and thought it would be interesting enough to give it a try. You can see a short clip of us entering the restaurant here. The music was a little loud at times but the staff were lively, friendly and very accommodating; especially given most of their clientele are tourists.

The food was all really yummy, which made the experience all the better as it wasn’t just show-focused. As you can see they also made the food to match the style of the restaurant and also make it a little more interesting for the customers. We also had a mystery shot which I didn’t get a picture of but you can see in the video linked above.

I ordered the rainbow palette pasta mostly to take a picture and wasn’t expecting it to be great, however i was pleasantly surprised that it was prepared really well! Each ‘colour’ corresponded to a different type of sauce from tomato to butter to pumpkin and so on. It was great because I could try them all and stick with whichever ones I liked.

In true ‘kawaii’ fashion, we also ordered a parfait however even though this was the smaller option, it was way too much for us to finish after all the food we had. I would come again to bring friends, however probably not as just a casual visit. They also sometimes do themed nights which are apparently advertised on their website.

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