I found this place online and didn’t realize until we reached the door that it was a Michelin-starred restaurant. Made sense given the long wait we had to go through even though we were already there just 30min after opening time. They are quite used to this and have a pretty good system in place to keep out of the way for other shops and also accommodate tourists who come with luggage too.

Of course, we had to order their signature Ajinoya Okonomiyaki set. Our server cooked it right in front of us and would come back to flip it when it is ready and let us know when it was fine to eat so no worries there. Just be careful not to touch it before they say so! You can watch a timelapse I took of our meal here.

Considering i’m not a big fan of okonomiyaki in the first place, I have to say I was impressed that I enjoyed theirs as much as I did. The portion is quite generous so if you’re not too hungry you may want to consider sharing between 2. There are plenty of other things on the menu too that might interest you.

I would definitely want to visit again someday and would bring any okonomiyaki-lovers there as well. One thing is that it might be a good idea to be there at least 10 minutes prior to opening time because we arrived 30mins after and had to wait for an hour to get in!

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