Shin Udon

Read about this place online because I love udon/soba and wanted to find someplace that came highly recommended to try. It was a bit hard to find the exact place but I followed the directions (and you can also check the map below) and found it without much trouble. It helps that there was a long line out the front too!

The shop itself is tiny – as you can see – which explains the line. Thankfully, the food comes out pretty quick so customers are in and out in a relatively short time. I would advise coming in groups of 2 or 3 max, however if you have 4 or more you may have to split up because their tables can’t take groups bigger than 3.

The udon lived up to the recommendation. They were really smooth and thick and absolutely delicious. Their menu is surprisingly varied so there’s definitely something for everyone. I decided to try their summer special (above right) which was really nice and cooling. Despite how it looks, the portion is quite generous given how tightly packed the noodles are served so it’s worth the money as well.

I would definitely want to go for another visit the next time I find myself in Tokyo because I love udon and this place was really delicious! I might try and come closer to opening time my next visit to avoid the long line however.

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