Recommended by a local friend, went to try this classy Udon restaurant in Roppongi. The interior is spacious and relaxing, even when it’s bursting with customers. I never felt rushed both times I visited and the atmosphere was really great to just enjoy the food and chat with friends.

On our first visit, I decided to try what I called the ‘bathtub udon’ (below left) because I like simple udon noodles and soup without much fanfare. The udon was generously portioned, even though they only fill about half of their humongous bowls, it is still quite a lot for one serving. The noodles were exquisitely smooth, which was probably what made me immediately want to come back again. The sauce was light and perfect, so even after the huge meal, you don’t feel bloated.

My friend went with a classic nabeyaki udon, and unsurprisingly enough, he couldn’t finish the entire dish (above right). It was packed full with ingredients – again, very generous. It was literally like having a mini nabe (hotpot) all to yourself!

I will definitely be dropping by again anytime I’m in the area as there are many more things on their huge menu I’d like to try. One of which is the raw horse sashimi!

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