Masons of Bendigo

While visiting my sister’s placement in Bendigo, she booked us a dinner at Masons, citing that the food was good and as close to fine dining Bendigo offered. The restaurant was spacious and the layout allowed quite a number of tables without feeling like customers were rubbing elbows with one another.

Masons on Bendigo’s menu items are made to share which is great as it allowed us to try many different dishes (some of which you don’t see on the post). The 4 dishes that I have included were my favourite, although each dish was unique and delicious.

The service was friendly and prompt, which was an added bonus and the overall atmosphere was relaxed and calming. It’s easy to see why the restaurant attracts a full-house of customers almost every night with the good food, atmosphere and staff. I would recommend coming in for dinner if you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood.

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