Visited Shiki for my mother’s birthday. We all went with the Keyaki set, which was 8 courses. It is teppanyaki-style with about 8 seats per teppanyaki table and 1 chef per table.. Below are the few photogenic courses.

The sashimi was generously portioned, as you can see how thick the slices are. The tuna and kingfish in particular were delicious, however the salmon was somewhat lacking. The soft shell crab was crispy and yummy but not as hot as I would’ve liked.

Of course, we had some wagyu beef served with some entertainment. We were individually asked how we wanted it cooked which was good as there were differing answers. The beef was great, but of course can’t compare to that in Japan. Finally the dessert was light and sweet, although at that point in the meal, maybe a little too sweet to end the meal with.

Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend it for special occasions, but not a place I would splash out on for no reason. The staff were attentive and the chef was very entertaining and friendly too.

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