Cafe Mugiwara

A One Piece themed restaurant located near the entrance to Tokyo Tower, Cafe Mugiwara lets you step into the world of One Piece for your meal. Inside the cafe, it’s decorated with bits and pieces of stuff from the show such as Chopper’s medical bag, One Piece manga (which you can bring to your table to read), and even the Kung Fu Dugongs hanging inconspicuously on the ceilings!

All the menu items are ‘inspired’ by the crew members. I chose a pearl milk tea drink which was served in a Usopp-design glass and my friend chose a Zoro inspired drink (and you can see the three straws tied together representing Zoro’s 3 swords).

For food, I had Zoro’s burger which was served in green bread and had fried chicken inside, it was surprisingly delicious, although the bun was a little too sweet to go with the savoury meal for me. My friend decided to go for desserts and had pancakes with Nami’s mikan (oranges), complete with her pinwheel on top! My friend said it was delicious and probably the fluffiest pancakes he’s ever eaten.

I would definitely come again if I ever visited Tokyo Tower again – mostly for the novelty of it all but also because the food is good and the prices aren’t high. The servers are friendly (although you may have some difficulty if you don’t understand at least a bit of Japanese) and will gladly discuss their favourite character with you. The interior design gives off a study room/library feel so feel free to walk around and take pictures if you visit!

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