Three Broomsticks (Universal Studios Osaka)

Located inside Universal Studio Osaka’s Harry Potter world Hogsmeade Village, Three Broomsticks is an iconic restaurant/pub from the series where students would go to spend their weekends. Like the entire area, both the exterior and interior designs are as close to your imagination (and the movies) as it can get. The inside of the restaurant itself is huge, as you can see below, with plenty of tables for the crowds.

I spent my dinner here with a simple shepherd’s pie and Harry’s favourite Treacle Tart for dessert. I also ordered another Butterbeer (which you can also buy along the street in Hogsmeade) for the novelty mug – which comes in either plastic or metal. The pie was scrumptious though the Treacle Tart was very sweet. The Butterbeer certainly helped wash everything down nicely; and I can never resist a Butterbeer regardless.

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