Soi 38

Found by my friend, Soi 38 is a restaurant serving thai boat noodles. However, unlike the iconic tiny boat noodle bowls in Thailand, these are normal sized portions. Regardless, they come really cheap at only $10 per bowl, or $15 for a large bowl!

Clockwise from top left is the beef boat noodles, duck noodles, pork boat noodles and pork meatballs. I’ve tried both the beef and duck noodles, both of which was scrumptious and surprisingly generously portioned for the price, totally worth it!

Their pork meatballs are a must-try as they come in a unique lightly spicy and sweet aftertaste sauce and the pork flavour is really delicious! I also got the thai milk tea (of course) which was as authentically sweet as you can get, definitely a recommend if you love that super sweet tea flavour. I enjoy this place immensely and have brought various friends here who have enjoyed it too.

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