Brick Lane (formerly Rustica)

Brick Lane, formerly known as Rustica Cafe, is located in the tiny Guildford Lane near Melbourne Central. My father is a big fan of their coffee and croissants and keeps a loyalty card which he whips out every time he’s in Melbourne.

An Aussie staple, I usually go for their smash avo brunch, which is generously given along with sweet pickled red onion, a hefty serving of beetroot radish and 2 poached eggs. Compared to most other brunch cafes, I would say the servings here are very much worth the money and delicious too.

This time, my father went for the french toast – he can never resist french toast – which he enjoyed immensely however admitted may have been a bit too sweet to start the day with. Below is their eggs benedict, which comes with the option of pulled pork or cured trout on the side; my mother thoroughly enjoyed the pulled pork.

I would recommend visiting Brick Lane for brunch however you may have to be prepared for a wait during rush hours as the cafe is relatively small for its popularity.

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