Burma Lane

After passing by this restaurant a while back, my friend and I decided to try out Burma Lane to see if the food was as good as the decor. The interior was surprisingly spacious, and it even has a second level, however it wasn’t needed when we visited. The tables were nicely spread out so that background noise was just nice that you didn’t have to strain to talk to your table mates.

The service was incredible, especially given how we only saw 2-3 floor staff, they seemed to have eagle eyes as empty plates were whisked away in seconds and table water refilled before we could think about it. The staff were incredibly helpful and friendly, which made the dining experience all the more enjoyable.

More intrigued than anything, we ordered the wagyu cheeseburger bacon dumplings (above left) just to see “so is it a dumpling or a burger?” and the answer was: it’s a dumpling filled like a cheeseburger! It definitely was a new and interesting concept, to have a replace the burger bun with dumplings, and it went well with the accompanying tomato salsa.

On the right, we had the fried octopus, that at first glance and taste seemed like fried chicken, but the longer you chewed the more the octopus taste became obvious. It was deliciously crispy and was also paired well with the accompanying sauce.

Another intrigued order: lo mai gai rolled chicken breast. As Malaysians, we wanted to see how they would prepare our staple lo mai gai dish and yet again we were hilariously amused to see an interesting ‘reverse’ lo mai gai served, where the sticky rice was inside the chicken. The best part was the sheer tenderness of the chicken, a real treat to enjoy.

For dessert, their version of mango sticky rice. Though it looks more like porridge, the sticky rice was very sticky but it might have been better to have more mango than the scant few bits inside their mango sauce, which was a tad too sweet for us to finish.

Overall a very satisfying meal, and definitely a place I would recommend for some interesting fusion dishes!

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