Tonkatsu Maisen

Happened upon this place when exploring around our hotel in Shibuya, and ended up going back another 2 times during the same trip! Tonkatsu is one of my favourite dishes and Tonkatsu Maisen’s dishes are mouth-wateringly delicious.

Most tonkatsu look more or less the same, however I did go with a kurobuta (black pork) hire katsu my first visit and later my usual (normal) hire katsu set the other times. Black pork has slightly more marbled fat than normal pork and if you haven’t already you should definitely give it a try (even if its not tonkatsu)!

If you love tonkatsu (or have yet to try it), I would definitely recommend Tonkatsu Maisen! It’s located inside Shibuya Hikarie shopping mall too so it’s the perfect place to rest after some good shopping!

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