The Spot on Melbourne

A cousin of mine pointed me to The Spot on Melbourne, asking for my thoughts on their soup as we had similar tastes and he claimed that this cafe had a pretty decent Pho on offer. He did, however, warn me beforehand that unlike the usual authentic-style huge portions at Vietnamese restaurants, TSoM served western-styled dishes and therefore had smaller portions.

Admittedly, I still ordered the ‘small’ to see just how the size different was – and safe to say I was shocked to be served a bowl barely bigger than your usual rice bowl! For roughly $15, even though the soup was decent (but still didn’t beat my all-time favourite Pho Minh), neither myself nor my father were impressed by how much customers were getting ripped off.

Aside from the premium location closer to Adelaide CBD, The Spot on Melbourne is not a place I would revisit when I could get delicious pho at the same price with at least 4x the serving size just a 20 minute drive away.

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