A favourite of my brother’s, Vlado’s is a grilled steakhouse that has a set menu of which your only choices are which cut of meat you would like. Though it doesn’t seem so, the restaurant fits quite a number of customers however I would advise calling ahead to book if you choose to visit.

Aside from the staple bread and butter, you’re first served with a platter of mixed cuts which range from liver to normal steak cubes. I would recommend giving at least 1 of each a try as they are all cooked perfectly and are a teaser of what’s to come.

The meal also ends with a choice of either plain vanilla ice cream or a strawberry crepe (with ice cream) for dessert. Of course, we opted for the crepe as it also came with ice cream. It was a perfect sweet and light finish to our meal.

For the mains, the waiter presents you with a spread of their available cuts and their respective sizes and will request for how you prefer it cooked. Regardless of the cut and cooking style, we all thoroughly enjoyed our steaks and the portions were all very generous (even for the smallest of cuts). Definitely a must-try for steak enthusiasts!

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