Humble Rays

A spacious brunch place lodged between the city and Melbourne Uni, Humble Rays seems to be a frequent haunt for many of my friends, although I myself have only been twice. The layout and decor is minimalistic and neat, and the glass doors certainly allow some “rays” of natural light in and add to the comfortable feel.

On the last visit with my family, we shared a “Meet the Humble! for 2” platter which looked divine and was a great way to have a bit of everything for breakfast. Though we shared with more than 2, I can see how the portioning is definitely enough to fill two for a nice simple breakfast.

I opted to order the cold soba bowl, which disappointingly had hardly any soba in it, but the mix of ingredients were still yummy enough to satisfy. The quinoa added in was a western-twist but didn’t seem to really fit the dish in my opinion.

My father also ordered a french toast dessert (of course) which was utter indulgence on a plate as you can see above. I wouldn’t recommend having one alone but it was definitely a nice one to share with others.

Apparently Humble Rays changes its menu every so often and given that their menu is quite small, that is both a good idea but also good marketing to bring customers back to try new things.

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