The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

As a celebration for my graduation, I experienced Melbourne’s tramcar restaurant, something which has intrigued me from the first time I saw it pass by on the streets. The restaurant does 3 different meal times, each differing in course length and travel time. We opted for the early dinner sitting which was 3 courses and a roughly 2-hour travel time.

Drinks were free-flow and everything is paid in the booking. We had a choice of two dishes for our main, either the roasted chicken breast (above) or the seared beef tenderloin (below). Both were delicious and surprisingly smaller than expected, but still filling nonetheless. The tenderloin in particular was not as evenly cooked in the middle so our medium-rare was more rare than expected, but still yummy.

For dessert was a tasting plate of pudding and chocolate, both of which were very sweet and none of us could quite manage to finish, but nice to nibble on as we watched the scenery passing by outside.

If you fancy an interesting dining experience, I would recommend trying this at least once, but probably no need to go for the longer, more expensive courses. Be aware though that the tram does change directions multiple times so those who aren’t comfortable with riding backwards might want to give it a pass.

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