One of my favourite places to visit on Lygon street whenever a pasta-craving hits, the pasta I got recommended the first time I went went on to be my usual order every time after! I also loved how friendly and attentive the waiters were, and that there were generations working in the shop! My first visit, an elderly man was our waiter and he was great fun, and later introduced us to another waiter which turned out to be his grandson!

It’s been quite awhile so unfortunately I don’t remember the exact name of my favourite dish (top left), but I’m sure if you asked for their recommendations it’ll come up! All I remember is that it was oven-baked in that paper and soooo delicious!

If you’re a fan of tomato-based seafood pasta, I would definitely recommend going for it! Carmine is pretty generous with their seafood too, as you can see, which is a big bonus and thumbs up from me.

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