Rikyu (牛たん炭焼 利久)

Sendai is famous for beef tongue, and while looking up places on where to eat it I found that Rikyu was a famous chain store that specialized in beef tongue! I tried 2 different Rikyu restaurants during my trip to Sendai, one which is mapped below and another inside Sendai Station.

The first time I went to Rikyu, while flipping through the lengthy menu, I decided to get a beef tongue donburi because for some reason it just really appealed to me. I was quite happy with the meal except that the meat had gone a bit cold already.

My second visit, I decided to get their ‘popular’ menu which was thick slices of beef tongue. To be honest, I was quite disappointed because the beef cooled down quite rapidly (even though it was summer) and it just didn’t seemed well cooked because of how chewy it was! I feel like I’ve only ever enjoyed good beef tongue that is more thinly sliced on barbeques/yakiniku because then it melts in your mouth. This was more like a really tough steak, which was quite sad considering how good Japanese beef quality usually is.

I wouldn’t mind going again for the donburi bowl, but maybe if I ever find myself in Sendai again I would stick to good ol’ yakiniku if I wanted to really enjoy some Japanese beef.

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