This restaurant was literally just around the corner from the hotel I stayed at. I noticed it mostly because of the very unusual name and looked it up online and was surprised to see it was a highly rated yakiniku restaurant. It’s very big inside but apparently still has a wait time during dinner.

The lunch menu is much more worth the price and I visited twice during my time in Miyazaki. I had the “Miyazaki Beef Special lunch” the first time and the “Deluxe BBQ Lunch” on my second visit. I do believe all their cuts are from Miyazaki beef but just to be safe I went with the one with Miyazaki in the title the first time. The courses also include a self-service salad bar and everything can be ordered via tablet, which has multiple language features too.

The beef was incredibly delicious, and literally dripped in fat as I cooked it. Just those few pieces you see above were plenty to fill me up given how fatty they were. If you’re stumped on where to eat Miyazaki beef while you’re here, I’d definitely recommend giving this restaurant a visit.

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