Yonehana (米花)

A tiny shop nestled in the chaos that is Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market. Generally when I visit Japanese fish markets I tend to go for 1 thing: tuna donburi. I usually avoid places with long lines unless I personally hear a recommendation from someone because lines in Japan can be misleading – I’ve seen lines at many shops I know aren’t that good, but simply have good online marketing.

This shop served a well-cut, fresh tuna donburi of many different styles (which is the norm in most fish markets). I enjoyed a variety tuna bowl with all cuts of tuna; maguro, chutoro and ootoro. However the experience was not particularly present namely because the shopkeeper seemed rather racist and only allowed patrons in who could speak Japanese. To the discomfort of both myself and my friend, he even continued to badmouth any tourist that wanted to come in but was shooed

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