Celebrated my birthday here after seeing good reviews and an interesting course menu. Bookings was not hard to get if you do the second seating, however it does run until midnight which might be difficult for some.

Sakizuke (Pistachio tofu, apricot, goji berry, wasabi chrysanthemum leaf, poached chicken)
Zensai (Autumn delicacies)
Each course is beautifully plated and absolutely delicious. There were quite a few interesting combinations that I’d never seen before (eg the pistachio tofu above).

Otsukuri (Flathead, Tuna, Abalone)
Yakimono (Saikyo black Cod, pickled lotus root, charred leek)
All of the food is prepared right in front of you and you can fully appreciate the care and attention the chefs put into their work.

Daimono (Grilled Kagoshima A5 wagyu, hoba miso, mushrooms)
Oshinogi (Toro sushi)
Both the wagyu and fatty tuna were as close to the high quality expected in Japan as I’ve had the pleasure of having overseas. It is hard to find good quality Japanese as in Japan, and generally only in expensive shops however even then they may no longer be as fresh or tender, however Ishizuka has both. The chefs also provide guests the opportunity to order additional slices of the fatty tuna belly for an extra cost.

Mizugashi (Daifuku with red bean and strawberry, seasonal fruit)
Kanmi (Espresso creme caramel, chestnut sauce, coconut sorbet)
There’s always room for desserts, and Ishizuka maintains its high quality through them as well. As a special treat for my birthday, the chefs also presented me with a bite of sekihan (red rice, often made for celebratory events in Japan such as weddings), which was thoughtful and yummy!

Definitely worth a visit for any special occasion that you may have and crave good quality Japanese!

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