A quaint little European restaurant located inside what might look like someone’s home, Epocha offers a range of delicious dishes to choose from or create your own course with.

Oyster with mignonette dressing, and cured king ora salmon with citrus, creme fraiche and dill.

Black angus rump cap, with romesco and onions. Interestingly, these are two different serving styles of the same dish. It appears that the presentation is dependent on the chef at the time. I will comment however, that the slicing on the left is much more enjoyable than the right, simply due to the size making the right dish much chewier.

Lakes entrance octopus with red mojo and gremolata, and tiramisu for dessert.

My final verdict is that the quality of the food is not very consistent, as in the 2 visits I’ve made, even the exact same dishes are not only plated differently but tasted different as well. It is worth a visit, however who is on duty may make or break the experience.

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