Hunters’ Roots

A quaint little lunch spot located near Flinders station, I saw some interesting pictures of their meals and decided to give it a try. They use a fill-in system for orders due to their highly customized menu options. They also had a variety of juices and mixes available which were really yummy.

Basically the entire meal is made up to your liking so I suppose there’s no way to really go ‘wrong’ with their menu. Their healthiness and simplicity is probably their selling point to most office-workers in the area, however personally the ingredients are easy enough to procure and create myself so it doesn’t necessarily justify paying for something I could easily  make.

My order was on the right, which I later recreated into my own work lunch (with exactly the same ingredients; edamame, oven-baked salmon, tamagoyaki and all) which confirmed my thoughts that whilst yummy and a good inspiration, not really worth paying so much for.

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