Travel Planning Service

Want to make the most out of your time in Japan but not sure where to go?

My various travels have polished my itinerary making skills and I am willing to help create the perfect travel plan for you! Just email me your preferences to the questions listed below and I will put together your dream itinerary!


Number of people:

Trip duration (+ dates if possible):

Cities you would like to visit:

Activities you are interested in (eg visiting castles/shrines, wearing kimono, going to a fish market):

Activities you are not interested in (eg going to bars/izakaya, theme parks, museums):

Daily budget (eg for food, train tickets, admission tix etc), specify currency:

Preferred itinerary style (eg completely packed from places to meals to trains every day, or more relaxed such as 2-3 places and meal recommendations per day):

I can also help you arrange necessities such as pocket wifi and transportation tools, however please note this will require a higher initial deposit fee than the one stated below for security purposes. If you would like me to arrange these, please indicate as below:

Request to organize:
Pocket Wifi (roughly 900-1500yen per day)
Transportation Tools (please indicate your overall budget for transportation, I will advise you from there)

I will liaise to edit the itinerary as many times as you like until you are satisfied. A set deposit fee will be charged at the first drafting stage (~20%), and final payment made with once you are satisfied with the itinerary. The final cost will depend on the complexity of your itinerary, and an estimated amount will be quoted after your initial e-mail.

You are free to indicate your preference in payment currency. I accept Paypal only.

I am available for contact throughout your trip should you have any problems. You will be provided with a complete folder including your itinerary, transport details, basic conversational phrases and travel tips as your final product.